Who I am

I had no map. I had no compass. I had no idea where I was going. All I had was a degree that I didn’t believe in, for a business world I felt nothing in common with.

It was frustrating and terrifying not feeling any type of orientation towards myself and my future, when I thought I had invested in being ready for the work world. I was 21 years old and I was clueless as to what I wanted to do with my life so I focused on what I loved; travelling, learning languages and meeting new people from different cultures, returning richer from the experience.

It was the height of summer 1994 when I arrived in Spain with my rucksack and four basic Spanish phrases. I had left my home town in cloudy cold Ireland and revelled in the hot, humid air filled with unfamiliar sounds and shouts of locals on holidays. The air felt alive in a different way and I sensed the only way to survive was to jump right in.

I discovered that when I let go of what I knew, and allowed myself to open to what I was standing in the heart of, I could understand what people were saying in a different way.  I loved this way of learning so much I started to teach it, with amazing results; in general students learned almost 5 times faster and after a lifetime of frustration and shame about their abilities were finally able to speak a new language in a way that was fun and engaging to them.

I taught from a place where language is something that connects us on a deep level, that shapes our way of being, is fluid and alive and our body can understand even when our rational mind doesn’t. The extent of connection is so great that it results in seemingly impossible events.

Probably the most extraordinary of which happened to a friend who had asked me to teach her the basics as she had never studied English before. We sat across from each other with her blank pages and coloured pencils between us, smiling, happy to be starting her new adventure together. In the openness of the moment and the bond that had first brought us together something extraordinary and unexpected happened.

I saw that I could bridge a certain amount of my English to her and that she could receive it. The next day she got a phone call in work from an English woman and was able to not only understand her perfectly but also to reply to her in coherent English. She stood staring at the phone in shock and amazement.

This ability felt like something I knew and made perfect sense to me but I had not been able to find it in the mainstream market. The voice of this untapped potential got so loud that I left my job to dedicate myself fully to exploring this. I sat and listened. I naively thought I was going on a three month inner journey but it has now been almost a decade of deep listening and receiving, learning about trauma and its impact and intelligence from the inside out and building a sense of safety and belonging so I could become.

For the past decade I have deepened into my gifts, studying with amazing teachers and working with incredibly committed people. I have become more curious about how we can transform our relationships and what contributes to forming more sustainable ways of being here.

I have helped the people I worked with to integrate trauma (individual and trans-generational), heal physically and emotionally, mature into healthier personal and professional relationships, step into their own leadership and expand their own businesses and entrepreneurial skills.

Over the last thirty years my work has changed as I have changed. The maturation of my work, and my curiosity to find a more beneficial way of being in the marketplace, is the basis of what I now do: Conscious Communication & Interrelated Mentoring.

As more of my own soul became present I started to really distinguish genuine contribution from spiritual by-passing and where that difference is born from. As our global crisis deepens my yearning for more coherency in the world intensifies and my need to contribute to this heightens.


I’ve learned that it is only together that we can create something radically new and refreshing. This not only intrigues me but brings me alive. I see amazing people in the world, some maturing in the steps they have already taken and some still wondering how they can set out.

I have experienced that it is possible to work on the level of consciousness and that there is no distinction in what is possible between humans and animals. I strongly believe that conscious communication with animals and our environment is key to a more equitable and sustainable society. This is why I also offer animal and nature communication.

Your contribution matters to me. I want to support you in expanding what you bring that evolves us all. Only together can we explore what changes our culture from competition to care. It’s not about where you currently are but how you want our interrelated space to be.

I offer individual mentoring, workshops and group facilitation for professionals who wish to speak from their soul and grow their businesses that benefit our interrelated space. I work both online and in person globally *.

If you would like to evolve into your next step and feel Conscious Communication & Interrelated Mentoring can help you do so please reach out and contact me. I would be delighted to explore what we can do together.

* Covid 19 restrictions permitting

“The sessions with Sinéad help me to be more at ease with myself. I feel more inner peace and self confidence. Sinéad is an expert in sensing where I am in my process, what I need and how to accompany me the way which suits me best. She is warm, trustworthy and professional. Her sessions help me to be more at ease with myself. I feel more inner peace and self confidence. Sinéad is an expert in sensing where I am in my process, what I need and how to accompany me the way which suits me best. She is warm, trustworthy and professional. Her sessions help me a lot to take my place in the world and I heartily recommend her.”

— Syl Granneman, Soul Counsellor

“The consult I had with Sinéad was a very calming and special experience.  She is very gifted in seeing the energy of the person she is working with.  During the session I felt total trust in what she was doing.  Her healing worked for many more days.  The consult enabled me to now really be aware of the energy flowing in my body and getting more grounded.  Thank you so much for this.”

— Ingrid Walrecht, Coach and Trainer for Female Lawyers