“Sinéad is very authentic, gifted in her profession, with extraordinary abilities of deep intuition, compassion, empathy and love. She shares her knowledge in a way that is humble, intelligent, fully committed to her client and with a sincere heart.  I fully recommend a session with her.”

Florencia Rodriguez, Project Manager

“The consult I had with Sinéad was a very calming and special experience.  She is very gifted in seeing the energy of the person she is working with.  During the session I felt total trust in what she was doing.  Her healing worked for many more days.  The consult enabled me to now really be aware of the energy flowing in my body and getting more grounded.  Thank you so much for this.”

Ingrid Walrecht, Coach and Trainer for female lawyers

Sometimes the universe brings a pearl on your path. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work. Sinéad is a natural talent; she did not learn the trade at school, but she remembered it.  I know few people with such a large energy range and such clear perception.”

Chantal van den Brink, Author “Letters from My Soul”

“The sessions with Sinéad help me to be more at ease with myself. I feel more inner peace and self confidence. Sinéad is an expert in sensing where I am in my process, what I need and how to accompany me the way which suits me best. She is warm, trustworthy and professional. Her sessions help me a lot to take my place in the world and I heartily recommend her.”

Syl Granneman, Soul Counsellor

“My first session with Sinéad was a deep knowing of coming home. In such a very gentle, light and warm way she brings the energy back to the frozen parts of your body and teaches you to rebuild your own system and listen to it.  She will not only climb mountains …. she will move them too.”

Marieke Knijn, Personal trainer, mental and stress counsellor

“My sessions with Sinéad were deeply healing experiences.  Her approach is soft and loving, which made me feel at ease very quickly and which allowed that feelings and emotions could be felt and given space to.  She knows where and what is needed to let the energy flow again.  It is as if the body speaks to her in silence and she knows how to listen and to respond to its needs.  I am really thankful for these meetings.”


“Melting the frozen parts stored within my body and thus feeling my energy blockages dissipate has been an amazing sensation of deep gratitude and pure joy.  The safety for this process was created by Sinéad, the first time we met, by speaking the, so longed for, words out loud; ‘You no longer have to do it alone’.”

Elke Mensink

“Sinéad has so much sensitivity.  She took me to the core, very carefully, in a very caring, clear and fluid way.  Beautiful.  She invited me to stay connected to my joy and wholeness while ‘addressing’ the parts in me that needed the attention and the healing. Layer per layer we went…..
Reminding me, rehearting me to feel, feel and feel again. To stay in my body, to feel what was going on, step by step.
I experienced relief and new balance in myself. New, and also old because this balance is simply I who I’ve always been. She sees me. Her approach resonates strongly with me. It is an approach that I have known inside all along, yet I needed someone to ‘apply’ it to me again.”

Marnix Lamers – inspirer and connector for a new earth and society