Conscious Communication & the Natural World


Do you:
  • long to live your full potential?
  • yearn to live consciously connected to nature?
  • have a desire to lead with compassion?
  • feel the need for more innovation and creativity in your life?
  • love animals and want to deepen your relationship with them?
  • wish you knew what your animals were thinking and feeling?
  • want to be able to care for them in a more supportive, meaningful way?
  • wish to prepare for their transition in a conscious way according to their personal wishes?
  • feel frustrated by behaviour, training, or health issues with your animals?
  • long to try new things together but lack confidence?
  • wish you could communicate with your own animal friends but doubt your ability to do so?

So much of our well-being comes from healthy connection, for people and for animals. I’ve spent over thirty years learning about how to create these healthy relationships and how they impact the animals around us. I have helped hundreds of people to uncover and develop their own subtle communication abilities, and to transform their lives and their relationships, through heart, soul and body centered communication.

Over time the invitation to return to our place as part of Nature and the natural world, rather than perceiving it as something separate to us, is getting stronger.

Within the Covid pandemic it is becoming clearer just how interconnected we are globally and environmentally. I strongly believe that entering into conscious communication with our environment and the animals we share the world with is fundamental in forming the new that we long for.

It is this connection to our innate nature that reminds us of our inner space of silence where we can connect to our intrinsic wisdom and guidance. It is what heals our relationships and broadens the creativity and innovation from which we can find the most beneficial solutions to our individual and global crises and well-being.

Throughout my life I have been blessed with experiences of living in pure natural environments and with incredibly gifted animals that blossomed a deep love and respect for what they bring for all of us.

Animals are magnificent in their presence, intelligent in their being, socially inclusive, not just of their kin, but with an evolved awareness of their impact on their environment.

This is why I am passionate about conscious communication between people and the animals they share their homes or space with. This conscious communication can also be extended to animals that live in the wild amongst their own species in their natural environment, either remotely or in person.

It was a pleasant, warm day at the beach. The external temperature reflected the inner sense of warmth I experienced when I watched first hand an encounter between Luna, a 3 legged dog, and Marvin.

I noticed how Marvin had retracted one of his legs while with Luna so they would be “equal”. I was touched by his level of empathy towards Luna and how it increased her sense of well-being.

They stayed close to each other until it was time for Luna to depart. Once she had left Marvin dropped his fourth leg and continued his day in his usual way.

This level of empathy was such a tender and precious moment to experience and through generous exchanges like these I believe we can learn to be more compassionate with each other. I felt enriched by this heart-warming example of just how inclusive and aware animals are.

As the pace and complexity of life increases we need to find what brings us balance, grows our resilience, and nourishes healthy relationships. My sense is that conscious communication with animals and our environment can be key.

Changing practices reflect this desire for deeper and more inclusive connection. We can see it in where people are choosing to put their purchasing power and the potential it has to bring more sustainability and equity. The importance of nurturing, coming together, collaborating, asking the difficult questions and sitting and listening from the silence of inner space is budding in the companies that are making a difference, and keeping the best staff, and a key part of those who enjoy healthy, happy relationships.

If you wish to strengthen your own observation and intuitive capacities, bring healing for your animal friend, deepen your relationship to nature or learn how to lead from compassion please contact me to arrange a 1:1 or group session.